Why Choose Us?


At Pear Data we bring over 30 years of experience in the area of Merge/Purge and related services. Our owner has served as a Data Technician, Account Manager, Team Leader, Marketing Manager and Director of Client Services, to name a few.

We take a consultative approach to client service. Rather than simply be an “order taker”, which so many are, we will question instructions that don’t make sense to us and we will suggest processing that we think should be considered. We realize that our clients are busy and that their focus may be somewhere other than Merge/Purge, which is why we add another layer of thought as to how processing should be conducted.


Quality control is the key to our success. Through years of experience we have figured a few things out with regards to getting the job done, and getting the job done correctly. Merge/Purge is very detailed and consists of many processes. Every step is checked with the right combination of automated and manual quality control measures. For instance, relying solely on the naked eye to verify the Split & Key process is not the best method, so we developed an automated process that programmatically checks for errors.


We have processed Merge/Purge jobs numbering into the thousands, each with varying ranges of volume and difficulty. No matter what processing has ever been requested for Merge/Purge, chances are, we have done it.


We have the flexibility to accommodate requests for faster turnaround. We don’t need to consult the team or obtain approval from management. We just do it! We are not faced with some of the challenges of larger companies when it comes to getting the work done.

We also have the ability to conduct additional processing without adding extra time to the schedule. In fact, processing that might be considered special or extra by another company will most likely be considered standard by Pear Data.

Whatever the reason, more often than not we will re-run the Merge/Purge or other processing at no charge. In fact, it is rare that we will charge for a re-run, especially if it is for something that we should have questioned up front. These things happen and should not be considered punishable, so we simply make the necessary corrections and move on.

Is more than one matching level required for your Merge/Purge? Not a problem for Pear Data.

Pear Data has the capacity to process large sums of data in a short period of time, which makes it easier to be flexible and accommodating.