We at Pear Data LLC specialize in Merge/Purge. In fact, Merge/Purge is all we do. Well, that’s not entirely true.


  • Household matching
  • Individual matching
  • Address-only matching
  • Email Address matching
  • ID Number matching
  • Custom matching

Of course Merge/Purge includes file conversions, segmentation and selects, DMA Pander suppression, deceased screening, client suppressions, split & key, salutation build, gender and title coding, scanline build, finder number application, and other custom processing that might be requested by our clients, and that we might suggest.


  • Address standardization
  • CASS™
  • DPV®
  • DSF2®
  • LACSLink®
  • SuiteLink®
  • NCOALink®
  • PCOA™

Data Enhancement

  • Demographics
    • Age, income, interests, home value, occupation, ethnicity, etc.
  • Email append
  • Reverse email append
  • Phone append
  • Reverse phone append
  • Congressional district overlay
    • and much more.

List Fulfillment

  • Rental/exchange file maintenance and fulfillment.

Response Analysis

  • Identify on/offline channels and assess productivity and ROI.